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Five To Nine started in 1993 thanks to the two founding partners’ respective skills in textile field. The winning idea was to produce high quality cotton, normally used for clothing, sleepwear and home textile items. From here the name Five To Nine, "alternative" definition for the pleasant time spent at home from 5 p.m. in the afternoon to 9 a.m. in the morning. Five to Nine is the perfect time, short or long, to be together in a comfortable and funny way, the opposite of the well-known Nine to Five Anglo-Saxon stereotype indicating the period of the day dedicated to working activity.


The product has been immediately selected by Elio Fiorucci in 90’ to be included in the new corner policy inside the trendy concept-store located in Piazza San Babila-Milano. Five To Nine was the only corner present in Fiorucci store for the whole decade from 1993 to 2003, when the Fiorucci store was sold to HM.

From here on started the success. The pajamas are manufactured for adults and children, from zero to one hundred years old, all bundled by their own cotton bag; and then not only pajamas, but nightgowns, dressing gowns, boxers and swimwear.

In the meantime, two single-brand stores in the center of Milan were added to the corner inside the Fiorucci store in the trendy Brera District (corso Garibaldi) and downtown in corso di Porta Romana.

A new corner project was realized inside HITECH an Cargo Store at the beginning of 2000’ for some years.

Over the years, men's / women's / children's sleepwear, characterized by the use of more than 200 types of colours options in yarn-dyed cotton for the whole family, became the main and identifying part of the product. Customer loyalty and affection for the product is such that today we have adult customers who, grown up with our pajamas, buy further for themselves and their children. 


In 2020, despite sales results above the expectations of such an inauspicious year, it was decided to bring distribution from physical stores to e-commerce only. Moreover we are able to plan contract manufacturing for companies who can profit from our expertise to produce with their own brand.

A new business line therefore collects the baton of the 27-year history of Five To Nine and begins an innovative path, strengthened by the great experience gained with a demanding and selective clientele, with the aim of reaching loyal and new customers in their homes, always trying to personalize the sales and after-sales service with kindness and competence.



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